Girls make gains at Cedarville Friendship Invitational


Grace Anaple

Headline: Senior Allison Kossen as she makes her way down the final straight of the race. She is sporting festive socks, one of her many race traditions. She came in 29 out 529 girls.

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

Saturday mornings are a roller coaster of emotion for runners. As the race grows near, butterflies begin to bubble up in the stomachs of the girls competing. Saturday mornings are also a vital part of race routines.
What you put into your body hours before a race can help to determine the results. It is always a good idea to maintain a consistent dietary routine before a race, because you do not always know how foods may affect you.
“I always have a banana and peanut butter around two hours before a race. It worked during my first race, so I continue to do it. You can call me superstitious, but it works,” said Christina Hanish, 11.
The bus rides are a great time to get in any last minute meals or supplements before a race. Some girls eat Gatorade chews or BLOCKS to help them gain a spurt of energy before they race away.
“I have a tradition of always eating an energy chew before our race. The effects may just be in my head, but they usually really help me,” said Lauryn Klyop, 12.
In the last race the cross country team competed in, the girls were well hydrated, well nourished, and well rested. Many girls had personal records and felt very good while racing their hardest.
This invitational was held at Cedarville college, and sycamore girl’s cross country came in eighth out of 21 teams . Their top runner, sophomore Olivia Anaple, came in eleventh out of 529 girls who competed.
Allison Kossen, 12, came in second for the team and 29 overall, followed by Jodie Lawson and Jasyln Davis-Johnson who came in the top 50 for the race. All these girls received medals.
Overall, the invitational showed the girls that their hard work is paying off as they continue to shave off time from their personal records.