Secret Santa brings cheer


Caroline Bruns

Finding a present atop your desk can be extremely exciting. Many times, students will deliver them via friends or acquaintances so that the identity of the giver remains secret. Usually these gifts include food or games that can be utilized by the student.

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

Exams and holidays are just around the corner. This year, one of the most popular ways to bring joy to your fellow classmates, teachers, friends, or even strangers is to participate in a Secret Santa exchange.
“I love that in student council we do a Secret Santa exchange! It’s super fun because we have three days of different priced items to give to our fellow members. We have no guidelines, so sometimes the gifts are good and other times they are more like white elephant gifts,” said Halle Gordon, 11.
Usually, Secret Santas take place for many days. During this time, the giver gives the receiver a hint about their identity along with gifts. The goal is to remain anonymous until the end of your exchange.
“It’s fun to get presents during school because it makes the day so much better. I’m in a few exchanges this week and I love getting the gift as well as receiving them. My favorite present so far has been party mix that I got,” said Libby VanDenBrink, 10.
Presents come in all shapes and sizes. You can receive food, shoes, ugly sweaters, potatoes, and much, much more. One thing is clear about Secret Santa’s, you need to give what you would like to receive, but also have a bit of fun with each one.
“I prefer super weird gifts for Secret Santa because they make me giggle. One bad thing is that sometimes I can’t ever use the gift again. One good thing is that if I don’t use it I can just regift it,” said Kiri Basher, 9.
The holidays are near and giving has become a key part of the school day. It brings a smile to everyone’s faces when they find the special gift hidden or dropped off for them.