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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

Jenna Bao

Jenna Bao, Executive Editor

Embarking upon my final year in Convergence journalism, I want to take this as an opportunity to reflect on a few ways I have/have not changed. Yet, I also realize that whoever you (my reader) may be, an introspective smattering of facts is not likely what you are here for. I suppose I shall attempt to satisfy us both.
As a senior, this is in fact my fourth year shuffling stories out of Room 115. Over the years I have been an Associate Editor, and this year I am glad to serve as Executive Editor of the Leaf. As a freshman, I had no clue about my plans for the future beyond getting into a satisfactory college. For some excessive context, this was following the sixth-life crisis of my eighth grade year wherein my previous plan to become a neurosurgeon was derailed by the realization that the humanities are my jam. The multi-month long confusion I waddled through then scared me away from solid conclusions about the future, but I will say I plan to study international relations with the anticipation of law school on the eventual horizon.
Why law school, you might ask. Well that can be explained by one of my other great passions of adolescence (I have a relative great many passions): mock trial. I absolutely fell in love with the role of attorney, so much so that I have inhabited it four times. It is complicated and time consuming and incredible, not unlike journalism. I have also grabbed moot court (mock’s nerdier cousin) by its fledgling horns. For more information, check out some of the articles on this fine site.
Fun fact: as a freshman I wrote here that if I could meet any historical figure, I would go for Japanese food with Stalin, Buddha, and Jesus. Years later, the only adjustments I would make to that desire are grabbing Indian food instead and throwing Rousseau into the mix.
As for my other interests/engagements, I adore creative writing and literature, have since the days past of elementary school. In fact some of my work has been recognized by/featured in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Chautauqua Literary Journal, and the Blue Marble Review. I also happen to be the president and founder of Book Club at SHS, which is basically just an excuse for me to have snacks and riveting discussion with other lithophiles.
I previously wrote, “I get to use my premature birth as an excuse for my pitiable cardiovascular fitness and lack of balance.” Still true. In fact, I take a certain amount of pride in the fact that I have managed to get all my necessary phys ed credits without a single traditional gym class.
If you are somehow still reading, I shall share that I am currently also president of both French Club and Tea Club. I have played the violin since the fifth grade, and I am a reader for Polyphony H.S., a youth literary magazine.
Allow me conclude with a direct quote from my sophomore profile. All of the following information still applies. “Other unnecessary but fascinating (I hope) facts about me include: I enjoy Korean dramas...and Asian pop culture in general and have terrifyingly eclectic taste in music. If I were made principal for a day (disregarding the fact that a day would not be nearly enough to actually achieve anything), I would establish a spy system not unlike that of the Qin Dynasty.
If you have actually read this entire profile, I commend and thank you."

All content by Jenna Bao
Government Action

Government Action

May 10, 2018
Why mindfulness?

Why mindfulness?

April 26, 2018
Kevin Mercurio, 10

Kevin Mercurio, 10

April 17, 2018
FOR THE CHILDREN. The work of physician and researcher Dr. Virginia Apgar saves lives to this day. Apgar helped lay the foundation for the fields of anesthesiology and neonatology. She is best known for the Apgar Score, a test done just minutes after birth to evaluate the baby’s transition.

Dr. Virginia Apgar

March 21, 2018
JAM ON. Senior Sofia Ramos plays the electric violin in the 2017 SEE1 concert. Ramos has been in the group since freshman year. The show is very different from other musical performances at SHS, with a light show and performance elements.

SEE1 rocks concert

February 14, 2018
ONWARDS. Seniors in football celebrate their signings on Feb. 7. Feb. 7 was this years National Signing Day, and social media was full of schools and teams celebrating what is coming next year. SHS celebration of the event was postponed due to weather. Photo courtesy of  Scott Datillo.

Athletes sign on Feb. 9

February 9, 2018
Samantha Fernandez, 11

Samantha Fernandez, 11

February 5, 2018
LEGACY. Morgan Freeman accepts his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild. He received the award on Jan. 21, 2018 as an 80 year old. Freeman has worked in theatre, TV, and Hollywood

Morgan Freeman

February 2, 2018
Heroes of SHS

Heroes of SHS

December 5, 2017
DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN. Daylight Saving Time starts on Nov. 4, 2017. DST marks a new time to start off strong. “I do not typically feel happy when I wake up to darkness, but with college apps coming up, I need to practice staying productive,” said Nathan Zhang, 12.

[Photo] Right on time

November 3, 2017

TAKE A DRINK. Students and teachers alike experience two teas and a variety of baked goods. Every meeting features homemade food, for example, apple cake and scones with jam in the last meeting of the 2016-2017 school year. Instead of paying fees for a meeting, one (often teachers) can bring food for everyone instead. Photo courtesy of Umang Joshi.

Tea time

September 11, 2017
CAKE BACK AND ENJOY. The PTO provides Subway and baked treats to seniors at lunch. Superintendent Frank Forsthoefel also passed out food. Student were able to enjoy in the outside courtyards. Photo courtesy of Jenna Bao.

PTO provides senior treat

September 8, 2017
Aung San Suu Kyi speaks on her fight for democracy in San Francisco. Kyi, inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi, has become an international symbol for freedom. She once called for countries across the world to pressure Myanmar into becoming more democratic and continues to improve conditions there.

Aung San Suu Kyi

March 6, 2017

Mixed Greens Intro

February 7, 2017
The Black Lives Matter Movement is often connected to the work of Malcolm X. Although he was killed decades before this movement began, his ideology encouraging blacks to defend themselves against white oppression in some ways resemble the BLM mission. He left a significant legacy in the African- American community, calling for empowerment and civil rights.

Malcolm X

February 6, 2017
THE MORE YOU KNOW. SHS’ AQT faces off in a team round against against Mason. Team round takes place first in every competition and includes three questions in each topic (from literature to American government), one for each team and one tossup. SHS won the first match 78-63.

AQT buzzes with success

February 2, 2017
Bach to rock

Bach to rock

January 20, 2017

Front-page news

December 13, 2016

Student spotlighting

December 7, 2016

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters releases decision to retry Ray Tensing for murder and voluntary manslaughter on Nov. 22. For the new trial, there will be a new jury and judge (Judge Leslie Ghiz). It is yet undecided whether the second trial will take place in Cincinnati again or elsewhere in Ohio as the prosecution is requesting.

Starting from scratch

December 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton

November 4, 2016
Making music magic

Making music magic

September 2, 2016
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