SEE1 rocks concert


McDaniel's Photography

JAM ON. Senior Sofia Ramos plays the electric violin in the 2017 SEE1 concert. Ramos has been in the group since freshman year. The show is very different from other musical performances at SHS, with a light show and performance elements.

  The SEE1, Sycamore Electric Ensemble, will have its concert at 7 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 16 at SHS.

  The show presents a unique rock concert experience performed by students on electric string instruments.

  This year, the group has senior Sofia Ramos and freshman Sandy Chan on the electric violin, freshman Alex Ma on the electric viola, senior Dylan Sleyo on the bass, freshman Emil Barr on the keyboard, junior Nikolai Smith on the electric cello, senior Zachary Milliken and junior Peter Kapourales on the guitar, and senior Zachary Berger on the drums.

  This year, the group has been led by Dr. Angela Santangelo. This is Santangelo’s first year taking on the group as well as the Sycamore orchestra program following the retirement of previous director Mr. David Smarelli.

  “Every once in a while, Mr. [Zachary] Starkie works with us. His experience in a band really helps complement Dr. [Santangelo’s] musical knowledge, so it’s always nice when he helps us work things out.

  “We’re all kind of growing and learning together, but I really enjoy learning under [Dr. Santangelo] and being around her,” Milliken said.

  In fact, most members this year are in the program for the first time after the group graduated a number of seniors last year.

  “It’s a very welcoming environment to play music and improve as a musician,” Sleyo said.

  The concert will feature Joe Deninzon, lead singer and electric violinist of the rock band Stratopheerius. This will be Deninzon’s fourth year performing with the program.

  The group will also be joined by Everlasting Monsoon, an electric ensemble of younger kids, for the pieces “Wizards in Winter” by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra and “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

  Senior Julie Whapham and junior Kennedy Byrd will be featured as vocals singing “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore.

  Tickets to the show are $10 for adults and $5 for students. They can be purchased at or at the door.