President Donald Trump to visit Blue Ash

Road closure, school’s plan to come



President Donald Trump will speak at The Sheffer Corporation next Monday. The focus of his visit will be the impact of the GOP tax plan. Security and road blocks will impact the school day; details will be released soon. Photo courtesy of Tribune Services.

President Donald Trump is anticipated to speak in Blue Ash on Mon. Feb. 5. He will visit The Sheffer Corporation, an industrial manufacturing company.

  The building is located on 6990 Cornell Road (just past the viaduct by the school where students go during evacuation drills).

  According to the city of Blue Ash, Cornell Road will be closed at Deerfield Road on Monday from the early morning to the late afternoon.

  Trump will speak at 1:00 p.m. regarding the impact of the recent tax plan.

  “My feeling is, he picks companies that will be representative of his policy. He knows that this company is going to use that money [from the tax cut] to expand, create jobs, [and] increase the pay of its workers; he’s using it as a way of the bully pulpit…It’s an anecdotal example of how great this is,” said Mr. Kevin Wittman, government teacher.

  The administration has been trying to publicize companies announcing bonuses for workers based on the tax cuts. 

  “I think that Donald Trump is doing a good thing by putting his message of lower taxes out there. This country needs lower taxes and less regulations to make our companies more competitive on the global scale and to bring back jobs and economic growth, and with the media spreading nasty propaganda, one needs to hear another side,” said David Godar, 12.

  Based on the anticipated traffic, road blocks, and security in close proximity to SHS on Monday, the school’s administration is working on a plan to get students to and from school smoothly. There has been much discussion of an early release.

  “I hope we get early dismissal, and I hope to be in attendance[of the event] because it would be so cool to see the president of the United States, even though it’s Donald Trump,” said Anita Pan, 12.

  The school has yet to release a final decision.*

  “[If people are interested in attending,] I would strongly encourage people to contact their local Republican party. There’s one that meets in Symmes, and Lee Czerwonka does the Republican party in Blue Ash…I would reach out to those people and say, ‘Hey, do you have any ability to get tickets?’

  “It’s a public space that they’ll be occupying and going through. So, if you wanted to see the motorcade, wave your flag, or you wave your ‘I hate this situation’ sign, the sidewalks are public space. It’s an event to see the president and the entourage. They bring a huge amount of security, helicopters, special services people–it’s overwhelming. That’s kind of the cool part about it,” Wittman said.

*UPDATE: The district schools will all be off on Monday due to the disruption to transportation posed by the event/security. If the event is cancelled with enough notice, however, school may be back on.