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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

Adhiti Chundur

Adhiti Chundur, Associate Editor


My name is Adhiti Chundur and I am a senior at Sycamore High School. This is my fourth and final year in the journalism program, and I am returning as the Associate Editor and as a Print Editor-in-Chief, which means I work on editing and designing pages for our news magazine, The Leaf.

In my time in room 115, I have learned about my love for advocacy and the world around me. Writing stories about issues both close to home and about the world around me has allowed me to form a better perspective. Additionally, I cultivated a love of social issues, especially women's/civil rights and education. I hope to find a career that allows me to utilize my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world.

In connection with my interest in advocacy, I take part in The Memory Project Club, where we create portraits of children in third world countries who have lost parents or faced abuse and neglect. We send the portraits to them, and they serve as a personal memento that shows they are valued and cared for. I feel that if I can use art to help others and make them feel valued, that is the best use of my skills and talents.

I also love art in any form: drawing, painting, and graphic design. I spend a lot of time outside of academics deepening my learning and skills by exploring new mediums and techniques. I enjoy connecting what I learn from art to other areas in my life. Exploring the intersection of different modes of thinking and creating is what I would love to carry through my life.

Additionally, journalism has expanded my boundaries in creating. In this class, I have become proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, which in turn allows me to broaden my scope of mediums and art forms.

My love of art also extends to music-for the past 10 years, I have been learning classical piano at the Toedtman School of Music. My two favorite composers are Beethoven and Chopin.

I also love to read a variety of books, whether they be novels, news articles, or comedical biographies. Some of my favorite books are Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and Holy Cow by David Duchovny.

In addition to journalism, I take part in the SHS Book Club and The Memory Project Club, and I pursue art outside of school.

A quote to live by: “We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” -Alexander Lloyd, author.

All content by Adhiti Chundur
Coral Bleaching

Coral Bleaching

May 17, 2018

By the numbers

May 3, 2018
Why mindfulness?

Why mindfulness?

April 26, 2018
Why do we love dogs?

Why do we love dogs?

April 24, 2018
Earth Day

Earth Day

April 12, 2018
Toy Trends

Toy Trends

April 3, 2018
Psychology of fear

Psychology of fear

March 20, 2018


March 12, 2018
VISIONARY. The sharp and minimal design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial garnered Maya Lin national recognition. It is considered one of the most influential memorials of the post WWII period. Lin was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2009, a film about her art, “Maya Lin: A Strong, Clear Vision,” won 1994 Oscar for best documentary, and she was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 by President Barack Obama.

Maya Lin

March 9, 2018
STATEMENT. In pieces such as “Darkytown Rebellion,” Walker mixes mediums to create an intensely visual experience for her viewer. Bright colors are projected onto a panoramic scene of violence in the Antebellum South. She currently lives in New York, where she is on the staff of the MFA program at Columbia University.

Kara Walker

February 28, 2018
Lavanya Konda, 12

Lavanya Konda, 12

February 13, 2018
GROUNDBREAKER. Marshall served as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court from October 1967 until October 1991. During his long career, Marshall consistently fought for civil rights and challenged institutional racism. He voted in the landmark 1973 case Roe v. Wade as well as Furman v. Georgia.

Thurgood Marshall

February 9, 2018

Join Computer Science!

January 22, 2018
Coping with distress

Coping with distress

November 1, 2017
ANTICIPATION. Seventh bell science classes view the eclipse through their special protective glasses. At SHS, students and teachers were in the path of 91 percent totality. The eclipse reached its peak at 2:29 p.m. Photos courtesy of Adhiti Chundur.

Awe-sun eclipse

August 21, 2017
​EXCITEMENT. Freshmen wander the Commons, exploring different options for classes, clubs, and sports. Seniors, who were required to come in, promoted their activities. Freshmen  came in one day before the rest of the high school to become acclimatized to SHS and to build relationships with upperclassmen.

First day fun

August 16, 2017
Heroin treatments

Heroin treatments

April 6, 2017
PROTEST. Around the country protests sprung up in major cities in response to the executive order. The uncetain langugae of the ban upset and confused many. Those who were on visas or green cards were also unlawfully detained.

Refuge for refugees

March 11, 2017
Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, and Janelle Monae, the stars of Hidden Figures, pose with their awards. The actresses were backstage the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017. 
Spencer (left) played Dorothy Vaughan in the award- winning movie.

Dorothy Vaughan

February 24, 2017
Mary Jackson, played by Janelle Monae, left, Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P. Henson, and Dorothy Vaughan, played by Octavia Spencer. The women are stars of the new movieHidden Figures. These women were trailblazers for women working in NASA.

Mary Jackson

February 23, 2017
Simone, seen here in 2002 attending a benefit concert in New York. Simone broke out of a single genre and expanded her discography and style of music like no one before her.

Nina Simone

February 10, 2017
Tretheway is a high acheiving poet. Her style combines free verse with more traditional forms of poetry. Her work focuses on race in America.

[Photo] Natasha Trethewey

February 15, 2017

Mixed Greens Intro

February 7, 2017
WE THE PEOPLE. Created by Shepard Fairey, the same artist who created the “HOPE” posters, these posters popped up in every march. They depicted different minorities such as Muslims, Latinos, and African Americans. “After this divisive campaign season with it’s fierce policies and statements aimed at women and minority groups, it was important to show the world and our country that there are still so many citizens who care about protecting the rights of all people,” said Jacob Spiegel, 12.

Signs of change

January 25, 2017
All you need is love

All you need is love

January 24, 2017
Protesters march in Washington Park on Sat., Jan. 21. The march was meant to be an inclusive, peaceful protest to support  women, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, people from different faiths, and many more. Womens marches took place all over the world.

Pretty in Pink

January 24, 2017
Artists start making final touches on their portraits. “I am excited about the final project and seeing all of the finished canvases side by side. I’m eager for the reactions of the children. I hope this brightens their day and I hope to do another one of these portraits in the future,” Looney-Ho said.

Memory project

November 22, 2016
President Barack Obama visits Cuba (March 21)
On March 21, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited Cuba- the first president to travel there in 88 years. The President met with Cuban President Raul Castro to discuss the trade embargo as well as relations between the United States and Cuba.

Healing America

November 22, 2016
The Memory Project is a way for artists to both participate in a service learning project and support children who have been victims of abuse. The project supplies photos of children from specific countries every two months. Students can use any medium to realistically create a personal portrait. 
Photo courtesy: Adhiti Chundur

Canvas of Compassion:

November 7, 2016
The first female nominee for a significant political party shines a spotlight on the issues of women. The policies that further gender equality and pinpoint issues that affect women are crucial to keep the momentum for women’s issues going. Hillarys slogan is stronger together. Photo courtesy: MCT

Year of Female Voter:

November 7, 2016
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

November 4, 2016
Gun control policies

Gun control policies

October 26, 2016

Educate to end hate

October 18, 2016
Donald Trump supporters staged a rally on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016 across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center, where Trump addressed a gathering at the National Guard Association of the United States conference. (Kenneth K. Lam/Baltimore Sun/TNS)

Politics of fear

September 19, 2016
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