Fundraising for education


Adhiti Chundur

Students work on decorating jugs and posters to promote the upcoming fundraiser. Club members will walk around with donation boxes, and raffle tickets. A donation of a dollar or more will be worth raffle tickets. Students can write down their student IDs on the back to put in the raffle for a Montgomery Inn gift card.

Adhiti Chundur, Beats Editor

The Service learning club is planning a fundraiser for Upspring (formerly Faces Without Places), a nonprofit organization that serves the educational needs of homeless youth.

  The fundraiser is to help raise money for school supplies, bathing suits, and towels for the summer programs. It will run from Apr. 11 to Apr. 22.

  Sophomore Jasmine Male said, “We at Sycamore take our education for granted. We are fortunate to have access to such a good education.”

  Cincinnati has the second worst rate of poverty in the country- more than half of children in Cincinnati live in poverty or experience homelessness. In fact, according to Upspring, the average age of poverty in the U.S. is nine years old.

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  Male said, “These kids that we are raising money for don’t necessarily have the money to go to school, so it is important that we raise money for them so they can have some of the same opportunities that we do.”

  Opening up opportunities for children in education can break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

  Sophomore Ryan Tufts said, “While many people are enjoying their summer vacations at home in front of their television, this program is all these kids have to enjoy their summer.”

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  Club members will be walking around with gallon jugs, and donations will also be accepted at lunchtime.

 A dollar or more donation will be worth a raffle ticket to win a Montgomery Inn Gift certificate (dinner for four).

To volunteer or donate to Upspring, visit their website

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