Artists prepare for SOS exhibition


SHOWCASE. SHS students display work in the SOS show at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. A common theme through the art was politics and inclusivity. This exhibition is free and open to the public. Photo courtesy Adhiti Chundur

The SOS (Save Our Souls) art show is a chance for artists to express their sentiments for justice and peace through their art work. The show is organized by Saad Ghosn and is held every year in June.

“The SOS art show is a platform where I am able to openly speak about obstacles we face in our society today,” said Zoe Bugge, 11.

The show is open to any visual artist as long as space provides, and submissions can include paintings, drawings, cinematography, musicals, and more. To enter, artists must submit an “artist submission form” found at the SOS show website.

SHS students who participated last year include Bugge, sophomores Analisa Benitez, Miriam Chowdhury, Olivia JuengerAdam Kossen,  Kathleen LeonardClaire MintonOlivia SeverynSienna White, and Carolyn Zhang, juniors Elizabeth Eilers and Julia Kolnicki, senior Jasmine Male, and alumni Mandisa ColeSaira Matthews, Katherine Vorpe, and Julia Kong.

To participate, students can fill out an artist submission form and turn in their piece to Mrs. Kat-Rakel Ferguson.

“It’s where I feel free to express my fears in politics, social ethics, and discrimination in the United States in the hopes that I can make a difference. Because to make a difference, we need a voice,” Bugge said.

The show is held at The Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St, downtown Cincinnati. The gallery opening is on June 2, and runs through June 11. There will be different free events every day.

The art gallery hours are: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 9pm; Friday and Saturday: 9am – midnight; and Sunday: noon – 6pm.