New money, no problems

Jackson’s replacement on the $20: great step forward



Concept art for the newly designed $20 bill. Tubman will replace former president Jackson. The new bill will be in circulation by 2020.

Adhiti Chundur, Beats Editor

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced on Apr. 20 that former president Andrew Jackson will be replaced on the $20 by Harriet Tubman. Tubman will be the first person of color- male or female- on US currency. This representation is a significant step forward for our country.
The irony is not lost. A slave owner who also orchestrated the Trail of Tears (a deadly journey that displaced tens of thousands of Native Americans) is being replaced by one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement.
Tubman went back to the south 19 times and led hundreds of slaves to freedom. She was a significant figure in our nation’s history, and her perseverance, bravery, and fearless resolution highlights the importance of liberty.
This symbolic currency makeover is acknowledging the contributions of women- especially women of color in our country’s history.
Although this does not rectify years of oppression and mistreatment minorities have been subjected to, this is a step in the right direction (the next step would be to start giving women the money they deserve).
Currency crosses state lines, and wide distribution will serve as an acknowledgements of Tubman’s contributions.
Sophomore Melinda Looney-Ho said, “I know they have been trying to do this for a while, getting a female figure on our currency. For me, I find it very inspirational and I think that a lot of people look up to the presidents with out seeing them on an everyday basis. If you see a female figure, it gives more people certain and acknowledges their accomplishments.”
Women’s rights activists will also be added to the backs of the $5 and $10 bills.
In an open letter, Lew said, “But with this decision, our currency will now tell more of our story and reflect the contributions of women as well as men to our great democracy.”