Ba-‘guette’ to French Club for picnic


Jenna Bao

French Club president junior Ryan Tufts signs up to brings baguettes to the annual club picnic. The meeting will take place at 2:30 on Wed. Sept. 21, and the club will proceed to meet once a month. All attendees are required to sign up to bring something.

Jenna Bao, Creative Projects Director

When the concept of France arises, the common stereotype is an image of baguettes and cheese. Even though the aim of French Club is to expose students to real French culture (not just the stereotypes), baguettes and cheese will feature in the club’s second meeting.

“The reason I love French Club… is because the students who are interested in and passionate about French culture can come together, converse, and eat authentic French foods. The pique-nique (picnic) is the essence of that,” said Ryan Tufts, 11, club president.

The French Club picnic will take place at 2:30 on Wed. Sept. 21 in the courtyard (weather permitting-otherwise it will be in the commons). The meeting will be an opportunity for members to get to know each other while enjoying the snacks.

“[People should join] because it’s super fun! Plus, we have the best food out of any club in this school,” said Mrs. Lesley Chapman, French teacher.

Club members must sign up to bring French foods on a sheet outside of advisor Chapman’s room prior to the meeting. This list includes baguettes, cheeses, pate, desserts, and drinks (such as the classic French Club beverage, Orangina).

“I 100 percent recommend the pate. It looks and smells obscure but the club co-presidents and the French teacher will praise the delicious spread,” Tufts said.

French speaking is not required at club meetings, and one is not required to take a French class to attend. Rather, the focus on the activities are on the country’s unique culture.