French Club fondue melts hearts


Lesley Chapman

Traditionally, French fondue is a dish that utilizes melted cheese in a communal pot. Food items such as bread are dipped in the cheese and enjoyed by a variety of different cultures like the French, Swiss, and Italian. The dish was finally popularized in North America in the 1930s.

Emily Chien, Leaflet Designer/Writer

On Thurs., Nov. 19, students of SHS came together to share food, friends, and France. After school, French Club met in the teachers’ lounge to enjoy a celebration of traditional French fondue.

Sophomore Keren Idelman said, “I love fondue, and I love French Club so it all works out. We always have a lot of fun getting together.”

On this day, the club decided to not only enjoy each others’ company but to also take a moment to speak about the attack on Paris in the past week.

On Mon., Nov. 16, students of SHS took a day to commemorate the losses in Paris over the weekend by wearing blue, white and red.

Idelman said, “Taking the time to honor those who were lost in such a horrible terrorist attack is so necessary. America and France are so close as countries that we cannot ignore this.”

On the other hand, the fondue party served as another helpful time to think and reflect about the losses, as a support system for those most affected.

Idelman said, “Overall, I had a really good time having great fondue and orangina with my friends, but also we got to do a lot of talking about other important topics.”