U4U delivers Diversity Week


Hannah Lee

CELEBRATING CULTURE. Students in Chinese class perform with Chinese Club’s traditional dragon costume. The dragon dance is traditionally performed during the Lunar New Year, but the dragon is an important element of the culture in general. Language clubs are celebrated on the first day of the Diversity Week, March 19.

One of the defining characteristics of SHS is its diversity, the opportunity to interact and learn with peers of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Diversity Week is an annual occasion to celebrate the unique makeup of the student body and bring it to the forefront.

  The 2018 Diversity Week, from March 19-23, recognizes different  languages, religions, LGBTQ and gender equality, educational disabilities, plus race and ethnicity (in that order).

  On Monday, the language clubs (ASL, French, Latin, and Spanish) will present in the Commons. For religious diversity on Tuesday, a Rabbi, Muslim mother, and a Christian musician will be there along with the Jewish Student Union.

  GSTA and He for She will share on Wednesday, and on Thursday there will be disabled student basketball games in the main gym during both lunches.

  Finally, Friday will have presentations from International Club and Chinese Club. 

  Performances/activities at lunch and presentations in ACE bells strive to get students involved and help everyone learn something new.

  “The main goals are to celebrate the diversity of our school, and to give people the opportunity to learn more about their peers,” said Makayla Stover, 12.

  Stover is president of Unified for Uganda (U4U), which has taken on the task of planning the week’s events this year.

   “U4U ended up planning it [Diversity Week] this year because we were looking for more ways to be able to fundraise, and Mr. [Ashwin] Corratiyl said that we could fundraise throughout the week if we took on the task of planning,” Stover said.

  The club’s leaders/participants have been working to plan, but clubs around the school are also getting involved on their respective days.

  “I hope students will be able to take away that diversity is a large part of what makes this school so great and that our differences are what can help bring us together,” Stover said.