Student Council cancels winter dance



CHANGE OF PLANS. Student council decides to cancel this year’s winter dance. This choice was made after only about 150 students bought tickets. “It was a difficult decision, and we are so sad for all of the people who were excited; we were too!” said Elayna Berry, 12, Student Council Executive President.

  This year’s winter dance, scheduled to take place Sat., Dec. 2, has been cancelled.

  “We like to throw events that are fun for everyone. Having only sold 150 tickets, that’s only 150 people who [would] be there, and in a huge room like the Commons, dancing [would] be really awkward. We would rather not have an event than have an event that people leave early or are disappointed in.

   “We were all looking forward to it and are sad to have to cancel, but it’s for the best. We still have other events you can be excited for, though, such as Battle of the Sibs,” said Katelin LeBlanc, 12, Student Council Executive Vice President of Communication.

  Tickets for the dance were sold at lunch Nov. 27-30. The decision to cancel was made after considering the final number of students who bought tickets, and people who did purchase them will be refunded at lunch on Mon., Dec. 4.

  “Whenever we hold dances or other events purely for the enjoyment of the students, we do everything we can to make it fun. Student Council has planned so many successful dances, and we know what it takes for people to have a good time.

   “It’s happened before where dances aren’t at the size we planned, and people felt awkward having so much space. It was a difficult decision, and we are so sad for all of the people who were excited; we were too!” said Elayna Berry, 12, Student Council Executive President.

  The winter dance was meant to be different from experiences like homecoming or prom in a number of ways including the theme, a Sadie Hawkins concept, and the option to dress up or down.

  “I was planning on going to the dance. It’s sad that it’s cancelled because the Student Council worked really hard and tried to get a lot of people to go. I was excited to go with my friends, but now it’s cancelled,” said Sarah Wittenbaum, 11.

  SHS has had winter formals before over the years with varying concepts and degrees of participation, however the event has not been an annual staple recently. Yet, in making the choice to cancel this event, the possibility to try again in future years is preserved.

  “We have tried a few things, and it’s just a matter of finding out why people don’t want to go. We had 1200 people at homecoming, so what’s the big difference that makes people not as interested in winter dance? That’s what we have to figure out,” LeBlanc said.

  Additionally, Berry invites anyone with questions or suggestions to reach out. Student Council meets each day during seventh bell in room 233.