ACT stresses out students


MCT Campus

The ACT is administered in September, October, December, February, April, and June of every year. The ACT is not administered at the Sycamore High School, so students are forced to take it elsewhere. These scores are, as of right now, necessary for college application.

Taking standardized tests is one of the most stressful parts of growing up. These test are supposed to measure your academic skills and retention of knowledge and may even be a deciding factor for colleges when it comes to acceptance.

Junior Claire Hallock said, “ The ACT is more of a stress than anything else. Although it’s purpose is to measure academic performance, I feel like it has a lot of trouble doing that. Students may not do well on this test, but they may be really great students who work hard.”

Many colleges are beginning to understand that these tests are not showing the true determination of a student and are not putting as much weight on the ACT when they look at student applications.

Senior Sophia Wiedmann said, “I’m so glad that I’m finished with the ACT. Because I’ve already taken it, I know what other people are going through and I can help my friends to be less stressed and give them pointers.”

Senior students can still take the ACT if they wish to improve their scores and can send them to schools they have applied to if they are higher than previously. Luckily, schools are more interested in a good GPA, and a student who is involved in school.

Freshman Peyton Gilhart said, “I’m a freshman, so I’m not too worried about any of those tests yet. Hopefully, by the time I get there colleges won’t even really put a lot of weight on the scores. It just doesn’t seem like a good way to measure intelligence.”

Overall, the ACT may be a big stressor, but colleges are beginning to realize that they by no means measure to quality and determination of a student.