Girls emotionally end season


Olivia Anapole

This year, the seniors dressed as jazercizers for their senior photos. They committed lots of time and energy to cross country. Each senior affected the underclassman positively and will be dearly missed.

Caroline Bruns, Webmaster

Saying goodbye to the seniors has caused tears for the girls cross country team. 13 seniors finished off their last season during the week of Oct. 19.
Freshman Peyton Gilhart said, “I’m so sad to see the seniors go; they are some of my best friends. I’ll miss their leadership and love next year. I’ll also miss their laughs. ”
The girls had a great time at their senior night. Both parents and athletes were invited to the event, and the seniors were given recognition for their achievements.
Sophomore Jaselyn Davis-Johnson said, “It made me so sad to see the seniors go. They were such great mentors, and I will make sure to do my best next season so that I can make them proud.”
The seniors and girls finished off the season with a final race. The JV running squad had their last race on Oct. 22 at the district open race while Varsity raced on Oct 24.
Two seniors who began running this year, Abi McGowen and Katie Vorpe ran in the race.
Senior Hayley Kennedy said, “I went to the race to cheer everyone on. We are one big family, and I want to support them like they have supported me this entire season. Also, these are some of the seniors’ final cross country races, and I wouldn’t miss that for the world.”
The girls are sad to be finishing off the season and saying goodbye to the seniors, but they are also hopeful that state is in their reach. Without the training from the coaches and support system of the seniors, the team would not have prospered the way it has this season.