Tears shed at senior night


Caroline Bruns

The senior girls dressed up for their senior night. Many shed tears as they said goodbye to their season and teammates. Although sad, they are looking forward to coming back and supporting their teammates in the future.

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

The cross country season has finally come to a close for all except one sophomore Olivia Anaple, who will be competing as an individual in the regional cross country meet. Luckily, this meet is available to the public, and many of the team mates will be carpooling to support their friend.
This achievement is something the girls look forward to celebrating. They are also excited to be celebrating their seniors, who have led their team and impacted each girl in a positive way.
“I cried so much thinking about the seniors leaving. They made me feel so welcome and I love them so much. I don’t know what I’m going to do without them,” said Kiri Basher, 9.
The senior night took place in the student council room. Before this event, the girls went on a final run together. They visited the cross country tree, which is a symbol of a great season and lots of fun to many alums and current runners.
“I had never been to the tree before, and when we all went as a team it was really awesome. Also, a lot of girls wanted to climb the tree, and it was really awesome how we helped each other get up and down together,” said Alex Holdren, 10.
At the actual senior night, the coaches brought up each senior individually and talked about their experience with cross country, as well as some funny stories.
They seniors were also given Tsum Tsum plush toys that corresponded with a character from Winnie the Pooh. Each senior took a quiz that placed them with their “spirit character”.
“I thought it was so great that the seniors received the little characters. They were so cute and also it was super fun guessing who was who. We were given a description of the character, and we all guessed who went with which. Most of the time we were right,” said Jodie Lawson, 11.
The night was filled with laughs, tears, and hugs. There were many videos that were played to commemorate the season and honor the seniors. The senior girls were all in tears, happy that the season was over, but sad to be saying goodbye to the great friends they made.