Sycamore fuels up, plays


Caroline Bruns

Students collaborated with staff and the NFL to create a promotional video for healthy activity in school, and outside of school. Multiple Bengals players visited the school for this, as well as two Ben-gals and Who-Dey, the Bengals mascot. They all worked together, having fun and staying healthy throughout the day.

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

On November 29, students, staff, and Bengals players all came together to enjoy the biking desks that are available in our high school. This special occasion took place in the HUB and was a smashing success.
“I loved getting the opportunity to get to meet professional athletes from my hometown. It was really cool that they made the effort to come to our high school,” said Abby Hallock, 12.
This event was the “kick off” of the biking challenge at the high school, where grade levels compete to record the most miles on the desk-bike combination. Whichever grade has the most miles will win an all-day field day in the spring.
In addition to a class prize, the student, and teacher who logs the most miles will receive an NFL gift card that can go towards tickets or spirit wear.
“I’m really excited for this competition. I think it is a great way to get students more interested in the bike room and promotes a really healthy competition. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Sushobith Vadrevu, 10.
Also, during this event, a video was created with students and NFL players, cheerleaders, and mascots in the HUB to promote physical fitness in schools and healthy eating. Cameramen focused on the use of the hub bikes and the smoothie bar as highlights for the video.
“Getting free smoothies was a big plus to going to this event. I hadn’t tried one before and I was pleasantly surprised,” said Madison Humprey, 9.
The students that participated in this event were cheerleaders, football players, SALT members and student council representatives. They were all treated with breakfast and allowed to mingle with other students that were present during the event.
Towards the end, the SHS was presented with a grant of $10,000 to go towards the athletic programs and the Fuel Up to Play 60 club. They also received $2,000 to go towards the junior high FUTP60 club and another $2,000 for the Greene school club.