Acing volleyball conditioning

Caroline Bruns

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March 29, 2017

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Students work hard to stay fit. Many students get personal trainers or have daily workouts they complete. Eating healthy is also a good way to keep your body happy and healthy.

You do not need a volleyball court to start training for next season. In fact, you can improve your strength, quickness, coordination and skills for volleyball in your own home or at school with workouts and drills.

“Volleyball conditioning started right after basketball season ended. There’s absolutely no time off for student athletes who play multiple sports,” sophomore Abby Hallock said.

The interested players from last year are expected to stay active even during the off-season of school sports. Playing multiple sports is a way many student stay active.

“Playing three sports can be a lot of work, but I love playing sports for school. Also, playing different sports keep me active and in shape so I will be prepared to transition to the next season,” sophomore Laura Setser said.

With new sports seasons starting, players are beginning to work out and get fit. Students are seen carrying water bottles in order to stay hydrated so they can give their all at conditioning or at their workout.

“After school, my schedule is always the same– I get dressed and eat a snack, go to conditioning, get tired and go home. I don’t really like conditioning. I’m usually really sore afterward but it makes me a better athlete and that means my efforts are worth it,“ sophomore Claire Hallock said.

The tough workouts that the players endure are used to improve their skills and physical, as well as mental health on and off the court.