Q&A with Senior Shelby Scaffidi

Caroline Bruns

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Shelby Scaffidi

Shelby moved to Sycamore during her freshman year of highschool. She is graduating this year. Although it was hard at first, she is now thoroughly integrated into the school and atmosphere.

Why did you move to Sycamore?
My Dad’s job. He is a general manager at multiple hotels.

What is something that is popular at Sycamore that was not popular where you used to live?
Skyline is definitely not a thing in Tucson, and I haven’t had it because the idea of cinnamon in chili does not sound good. It’s not appealing to me at all.

How is the culture different?
There is a lot of diversity at Sycamore, and that’s something I didn’t have at my old school.

How does Cincinnati compare to your last city?
It’s bigger, which I like, but it’s hard to compare the two. There are really good things about both Cincinnati and Tucson.

Do people from Ohio have noticeable accents?
Some people do, but there are a lot of other accents I hear as well. It’s not just Ohio, and it’s really cool to hear different accents because I know that a lot of people speak different languages.

What is something you really like about Cincinnati?
It’s a very nice place to live–Tucson didn’t have a lot of things to do. Cincinnati has Kings Island, and also it’s not too far away from New York.

What is something you dislike about Cincinnati?
The Mexican food is not as good as Tucson’s.

Do you participate in any after school activities? If so, what?
I do theater and tech because it’s super fun, and I really enjoy being behind the scenes.

What do you like about the after school activity?
Theatre and tech helped me make a lot of friends when I moved to Sycamore. I also really enjoy all the people and the atmosphere.