Homecoming sparks student excitement


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The Aviator is a loved character. He represents the Sycamore Community Schools district. He also shows up at almost every home sports event.

Caroline Bruns, Webmaster

Homecoming is one of the most looked forward to events of a student’s high school career. The glitz and glam of this spectacular night makes everyone excited for the dance and the events that circulate around it.
Freshman Peyton Gilhart said, “ I am so excited for homecoming. I’ve never been to it before, and I’m sure it will be a great experience. I’ve been asking a lot of my upperclassmen friends for tips, since I don’t know exactly what to expect. They’ve been really helpful.”
Many new students have no idea what to expect from this day, but they are bound to make memories.
The week before homecoming is one of the most festive of the year. There are specific themes for each day that correlate with the theme of homecoming. This year the theme is “Aves Around the World.”
Junior Lena Harper said,“I like the theme because it represents how SHS is such a diverse school.”
The homecoming week of school is not the only fun event; the parade and football game are also huge parts of the excitement. There is a tailgate before the football game meant for high school students.
Senior Marissa Koster said, “I’m so excited to be in the parade with my team and then go to the tailgate before the game. It’s a great way to show my school spirit and hang out with people I like.”
Various teams take part in the parade, including cross country and water polo.This is a great bonding experience for everyone and a great way to take part in the community. Members of the community and young children who attend Sycamore Schools watch the parade and also attend the football game.
Homecoming is a very popular and exciting time of the year. It is a great way to have fun while positively impacting your school and community. It is also a loved time of year by students.