Icy roads leave students scared

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

With the winter coming in cool, there are many opportunities for mother nature to make driving quite the hassle for inexperienced and experienced drivers alike. Ice, snow and sleet gives everyone trouble, no matter the car or the amount of experience you have.
“Snowy or icy roads are my biggest fear as a new driver. I absolutely hate feeling out of control and I know that is totally possible during the winter,” said Halle Gordon, 11.
Getting to school is also another fear for students during the chilly season. With traffic and (sometimes) careless drivers make their way to school, it can be hard to avoid mother nature, and the car in front of you.
“I haven’t been in a winter crash but I saw one a few days ago. It was so obvious that they had hit an icy patch on the road, lost control, and hit the car with a lot of force in front of them,” said Chloe Bradley, 12.
Along with avoiding other students on their way to school, students also worry about the amount of added time cleaning the ice, snow and frost off their windshields will do to their already hectic morning schedules.
“I hardly have any access time on my way to school. I leave at 7:00 am, which leaves very little time for anything else if I want to get to school on time. It’s stressful but that’s okay, except in the winter when it gets cold and I have to scrape my car. Then I end up late to school all the time,” said Morgan MCavoy, 11.
The cold weather and extreme road conditions usually leave students flustered and in danger if they are not paying attention on the roads. Although all seasons have their challenges, driving is surely one of the most common for the winter.