Students stress over quarter completion


Caroline Bruns

Students try to finish off the quarter strong. It may be difficult, but with endurance and drive it is possible. Teachers want students to succeed just as much as students do.

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

With the end drawing near, many tests, quizzes and homework assignments are piling high. This increasing amount of stress, and a large workload, students are feeling the pressure.
“I always hate the last week of the quarter. It is so stressful as I try to get in work and study for tests that will finish off the quarter,” said Lily Martinson, 11.
Usually, missing assignments are due at the end of the quarter as well. This only adds to many students stresses. Luckily, if you remain on top of work and tests, the end of the quarter can be much less stressful.
“As far as homework does, I’m pretty caught up. I try to stay on top of my work each week so that I’m not completely swamped with work at the end of the quarter. As long as I try, it usually works,” said Josey Leach, 11.
This stress can easily add up without students even being aware. Also, these stressors can influence the final grade very late in the game. Taking tests at the end of the quarter can move a grade upwards or downwards.
“Taking tests at the end of the quarter is super stressful. In some classes I have borderline grades and the grade will determine if I get an A or a B. It makes me work harder, but also I can’t focus too much on one thing and slack on another,” said Kiri Basher, 9.
It can be hard to find a balance when juggling school, work and social activities while trying to complete each of these things well. Endurance is a key character in most students, which is helpful because it is needed to end the quarter strong.