Garden Club springs into spring


Caroline Bruns

Garden Club meets every other Friday. At the club they grow plants, water their seeds, and listen to music. Many times they explore the Johnson Nature Preserve after they are finished in the greenhouse.

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to grow flowers, food, and unfortunately weeds. Garden Club is beginning to start back up and take care of the plants that had been planted over the winter.

Sophomore Jodie Lawson said, “I went to Garden Club because a lot of my other friends were doing it. I thought it would be fun, and it ended up being awesome. I love the greenhouse and the people.”

There were not many plants that could have been planted during the winter, but many did survive due to the fact that they were inside a greenhouse. Students contributed to the planting of plants and the maintenance of the greenhouse.

Sophomore Josey Leach said, “The atmosphere of the club is really nice. It’s a chill environment and everyone there wants to make a difference.”

Over the winter, the club changed hands. It is now being run by juniors Andrew Quantz and Caroline Bruns. Quantz took the initiative to turn this unorganized club into a real school club. They are going to clean out the greenhouse and also start the club back up in the weeks to come.

Junior Allison Kossen said, “I love gardening. It’s a very hands-on activity, which I love. I’m really glad I joined the club.”

Everything that the club has – seeds, dirt, shovels – was donated by Pipkins and the greenhouse they use is owned by the city of Montgomery. All food that is grown will be donated to the local food shelter.

This club is new, starting up, and looking for people to join. If you are interested, listen to the announcements for more details and get your green thumb ready!