Cross country sprints to second place in Lebanon meet


Haley Kennedy

The top seven girls start the varsity race. Junior Allison Kossen was the top runner for Sycamore with a time of 20:55:5. Overall, the Lady Aves did great in this meet.

On Sat., Sept. 5, the girls cross country team traveled to Lebanon High School to compete, and dominate, in a meet. The boys cross country team also competed in this meet.
Junior Jessica Wocks said, “It was a very enjoyable course because it’s mostly flat, and the weather was good.”
The girls worked hard, coming in second for varsity and open races. They have been working tirelessly on and off the field to be prepared for each meet.
Wocks said, “I enjoyed coming in first because it made me really proud of myself and made me realize that I am a good runner.”
The heat has definitely been at an all-time high for September, but the girls continue to train and practice as normal, although there are a few more breaks for water.
Wocks said, “The heat is awful, but as long as you’re hydrated it shouldn’t be that problematic. Although when it’s really hot it’s hard to keep going.”
Overall, the girls cross country team has improved greatly since the start of the season, and there is still plenty of time for more improvement among the runners.