Youtube star gets Wild

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Taylor Close

Pop-star Taylor Swift tweeted Troye promoting his EP on Sunday night. This lead many of Swift’s fans to check out Sivan’s music and music video, apparent through the various comments of her sending them there on his video. Sivan replied with his own tweet of speechlessness later that night. Photo courtesy of Taylor Close.

Taylor Close, Staff Writer

Troye Sivan’s new EP was released on Friday, and it has fans crying over the songs from the album and the music video that came out with the single from the album, also called “Wild”.
Sophomore Stephanie Hong said, “I have heard of Troye on Youtube. I know that he does a lot of collabs with Tyler Oakley, but I didn’t know that he could sing until recently. And he is quite good at it too!”
The EP was announced in July at VidCon, giving fans two short months to prepare for Sivan’s newest installment. His last EP TRXYE featured the single “Happy Little Pill” that made it onto the US Billboard Hot 100.
Hong said, “It’s cool how someone who started on Youtube can get so big. Makes me think that if you try hard enough maybe you can achieve your dream, whatever it may be.”
Wild has already made it onto the iTunes chart and is number two on the iTunes albums chart behind The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness. It is also available on Spotify, along with Sivan’s other eps.
Sivan’s music video for the single ‘Wild’ has over one million views and is the first of a trilogy that is under the name Blue Neighborhood. The trilogy got the name from a line in ‘Wild’, “Leave this Blue Neighborhood”.
Hong said, “I think that the idea for a trilogy of music videos is a really good idea because it makes fans and other people who are intrigued come back for the second and third video, so he [Troye] will get more publicity from his views.”