French Club walks to victory



Members of the French Club will likely carry baguettes like these in the parade. While it is a French stereotype that the French eat baguettes all the time, they do have baguettes quite often, just maybe not every day. Baguettes are normally eaten with cheese or a Pâté, which is French for “paste”.

Taylor Close, Staff Writer

In years past, sports teams such as the football team and cross country teams, as well as some clubs have participated in the annual homecoming parade. But this year there will be a new addition, Sycamore’s very own French Club.
As to not just fit in with the other groups and to promote their club, the participants are going to all be wearing stereotypical French clothing and carry baguettes while walking.
Sophomore Sophie Gaylon said “I am very excited to be able to walk in the homecoming parade this year with French club! It will also be interesting to see what people’s reaction to our outfits will be.” This is because in one of the French classes (French IV) has been studying about stereotypes, both French and American. They are also working on videos about the stereotypes for class.
Gaylon said, “The video in French class is quite challenging because you have to be able to memorize lines in a different language and it is hard to even memorize them in English. But the filming process was definitely worth it. Our group has plenty of bloopers that could more than likely become a whole different video.”
Along with the clothing and baguettes, the club will play some of France’s popular music, such as Stromae, who is becoming more popular in the US as well. He is going to be playing Madison Square Garden on Oct. 1.
Gaylon said,“I love French music! And Stromae is one of my favorite artists, I love how he can make even people who don’t know what he is saying be able to enjoy his music. I also love how he is going to play concerts in America, and the tickets are reasonably priced whereas in Europe it would be impossible to see him for $35.”