Twenty-One Pilots return to their hometown


Taylor Close

At the concert, since it was a hometown show, the duo played a medley of some of their older songs. This was big because they were not supposed to play any of their music from before their record deal with Ramen records. Although the fans enjoyed the throwback and could be heard singing along all throughout the stadium.

Taylor Close, Staff Writer

Alternative hip hop duo Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun have been taking the world by storm ever since their fourth album, Blurryface, released last May. And recently started their tour that will continue until Dec.

Sophomore Emily Reddy said, “Twenty-One Pilots are probably my favorite band ever. I love them more than food, and that is saying something because I really like food.”

The duo was able to come home on Fri. 18 to play at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH, to play a show for their hometown and some of their fans that have been there since the beginning.

Reddy said, “I was extremely happy that I could get a ticket before the concert sold out because I would have been quite upset if they were so close and I couldn’t go.”

Joseph and Dun’s first sold out concert was at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, during Nov. 2011. And now they are playing concerts every week and almost all of them are sold out and arena venues.

Reddy said,“It was one of the best experiences of my life, all the people who were complete strangers dancing together and singing along to every song! I will definitely try to get tickets to the next show they play close to us, it is worth it.”