Ride or die



The workers who sign up to be apart of Halloween Haunt have to go through an interview process in order to be able to scare the park’s guests. If they pass that, then they will become one of many monsters that terrorize people who walk by. Although no person under 16 years of age can apply for an interview, for various safety reasons.

Around Halloween, people around the world enjoy haunted houses and horror movies. In Cincinnati there are a few nationally ranked haunted houses such as the Dent Schoolhouse or the USS Nightmare.
Sophomore Matt Isakson said, “I love Halloween time because scary movies are my favorite genre of movies and I love to get scared!”
There is also the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island, open Sept. 25- Nov. 1, and includes the normal attractions, with a twist. There are monsters, serial killers, and any other scary thing you can think of walking around with you.
Isakson said,“I have been to almost every haunted house in the area and look forward to getting to Kings Islands Haunt multiple times this year.”
Including mazes such as Blackout, where they turn all the lights out and you have to find your way out. And designated scare zones like Nightmare Alley, where all your worst nightmares come to life; there is something for everyone.
Isakson said, “A few years ago, my mom came with me and my friends to the Haunt and she got so scared that she eventually had to wait in the car for us to be finished!”