Setting the stage: First theatrical performance of the year


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Last year, SHS brought “Competition Piece” and “Check Please” to the festival. Previous senior, Ben Cohen, played a theatrical role in ‘Competition Piece.’ Both shows were light and comedic.

Sydney Weiss, staff writer

SHS and Anderson High School will join together this weekend to perform one acts. One-acts are brief dramatic performances consisting of only one act.

Freshman Adam Pelberg said, “The one acts are a series of four very short, funny, and overall entertaining one act plays that are all performed in one night.”

Tickets are $7.00, and the first act begins at 6:00 p.m. in the main auditorium.

The one-act festival takes place this Saturday, where SHS will be performing two one acts; AP Theatre and The Superhero Ultraferno. AP Theatre features the senior Acting Ensemble class and Superhero Ultraferno features more underclassmen with upperclassmen as well.

Superhero Ultraferno is a comedy with short bits from the stories of each of the main superheroes. AP Theatre is about a girl who was given the assignment to make three plays in three different styles.

Sophomore Michael Underwood said, “I am in Superhero Ultraferno and it is going to be really exciting. The show is hilarious and it involves
many students.”

Anderson High School will also be performing two one-acts. Anderson High School and SHS are two of the four schools in the league.
The league is a group of schools that visit shows at other local high schools to enjoy performances and learn more about theatre.

The One Act Festival is an event to get a taste of what theatre at SHS looks like and also be able to see how Anderson High School does theatre. Parts of the performances are comedy and there will probably be drama too.

Pelberg also said, “Everyone should see the one acts because they are very interesting, and you get to see a variety of performers and genres of theater all in one show.”