Snowboarder’s get their head in the game


Taylor Close

It is good to also take your board out ahead of the season to make sure it still fits. If it has gotten too small or is broken there are multiple ski swaps around the area. It is here that you can buy new (used) equipment and sell your own old gear. Perfect North has one in early Nov.

Anticipations of the 2015-2016 snowboarding/skiing season are starting to arise with the declining temperatures in recent days. And since the spring festival last March at Perfect North, there are multiple things to help you prepare for the upcoming season.
Sophomore Trevor Jansen said, “I am extremely excited for Perfect to open again! I love going out every week with ski club, it gives me a break from all the stress of school.”
Something important to think about is the shape your body is in for the season in the first place. Being out of shape takes longer to progress your skills because you have get back ones you lost during off season.
Jansen said,”It is important to stay in shape, whether it be for snowboarding or for any other sport you do because you don’t want to loose all your endurance on the off season that you worked so hard to get during it.”
There are different exercises you can do to strengthen core and legs so you can go on longer runs at the beginning of the year without having to stop every 30 seconds to rest. Exercises include calf raises, push-ups, etc.
Another really good exercise is to go on bike rides or use a stationary bike, which helps build up endurance to be able to go on runs without your legs getting tired. This will come in handy on longer runs.
Jansen said,”Snowboarding has been a part of my life for a while now and I always love going back to Perfect and being able to escape from reality for a little while.”