Gliding to a start

Ski Club holds first meeting of the year



Perfect North is located in Indiana, about a half hour drive from SHS, this is one of the only local ski resorts. Perfect North opens as soon as weather permits. SHS and SJHS use perfect north as their location for the ski club.

Elizabeth Rickert, Print Editor-in-Chief

Ski club held their first meeting Oct. 13, they discussed how to join, how to get involved, and what to expect for the year.
Senior Nathan Halstead said “Ski Club is a fun, engaging club that people of all skill levels can join. Once it’s cold enough for Perfect North Slopes to operate, Ski Club travels to there every Tuesday we have school until late February, weather permitting.”
Forms were handed out to prospective members at the meeting. They included a Sycamore waiver, a Perfect North Waiver, and a ski rental form. These are do to Science teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Cooper by Nov. 11.
T-shirt designs are requested to be in by the next meeting. This next meeting will be used to set up a board and decide upon spirit wear.
Halstead said, “People should consider joining if they enjoy winter sports, excitement, and developing new skills. However, skill is a not a requirement!. Those who have never skied or boarded before or those who wish to take their form to the next level can take free lessons with professional instructors working at Perfect North.
‘This is a great way to learn and improve. The excitement of skiing is made all the better when going with friends, so anyone interested should sign up with a friend today and experience great environment of Ski Club.”
The first trip to perfect north takes place on Dec. 8. It continues every Tuesday until Feb 15. Students can ride the bus to and from Perfect North. They would arrive back at SHS around 9 PM.
Senior Brielle Robins said, “Skiing is such a rush, it’s nice to be able to share that with your peers, I go on my own all the time but there is something about seeing your friend tumbling down a slope that makes it fun to go with the school.”