Crayons to Computers club raises over $100 for their organization


Photo Courtesy of Rachel Cogen

Students who are a part of the Crayons to Computers club volunteering at the Aviator Flight Fest on October 3rd, 2015. This event took place at Sycamore Junior High School. Students ran the “Color Dots” game and collected donations for Crayons to Computers, a local non-profit organization.

Lilah Foley, Staff Writer

On October 3rd, 2015, students from all over the school district gathered at Sycamore Junior High School for the annual Aviator Flight Fest and 5k.

The Crayons to Computers club at SHS ran the “Color Dots” booth at the festival and were accepting donations of any amount. Many parents either donated cash or used a credit card to donate online.

The people volunteering raised over $100 for the Crayons to Computers freestore downtown.

Crayons to Computers is an organization that allows teachers from underprivileged schools to shop for their classroom for free.

The Crayons to Computers club at SHS raises money for this organization by volunteering and doing fundraisers all around the school.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Rasulis said, “I joined Crayons to Computers last year, my freshman year, and it was such a great choice. The people are so welcoming and it’s a lot of fun to know that you are helping the community.”

Getting involved in Crayons to Computers is very easy. The club meets every other Monday and volunteers a lot throughout the school year. The opportunities for volunteering with Crayons to Computers are endless!

Being a part of this club is a great way to get volunteer hours, while having fun with friends.

Sophomore Emilie King said, “I just joined Crayons to Computers this year and I already love it. It’s a great way to have fun with friends while also helping people in the community.”