How Learning Communities will shape the future of SHS

The new schedule plan


Allyson Bonhaus

This is an example of the schedule you would follow currently in the Teaching Professions Learning Community. The schedules’ for the learning communities are still being updated for next year. More committees will be added next year.

Allyson Bonhaus, Staff Writer

Have 6 Learning Communities and they are Health Science, Teaching Professions, Business, Engineering, Fashion Design, and Interactive Media.
A learning community is a general blueprint of a course in a career path. A student can look further into that career, and may be able to get college credit.
Mr. Doug Mader, principal of SHS, said, “We may look at combining classes into interdisciplinary courses where you would stay at that class for more than one bell.”
He will be speaking at a conference called the Oracle in which we are trying to design together personalized learning.
Mader said,“We share the vision of the opportunities of career options. SHS will be a prototype for a learning exchange.”
Next year we will have 15 learning communities that each specialize in an area and there will be mentors from the field. Options are being explored of staying at one class each day and alternating.
Mader said, “SHS will always have the foundation of a school. The communities are to spark interests for career paths.”
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