Security measures in airports fail


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TSA screenings are done at almost all official airports in the United States. These screenings have proved to be ineffective in finding bombs and weapons. Money utilized for this old tradition may be better off used for other things such as criminal investigation.

Hajime Minoguchi, Staff Writer

It is taboo to complain about taking off shoes, removing metal items into the bin, and separating liquids in plastic bags during airport screenings because people believe that they provide protection; however, this may not be the case.

According to an internal investigation at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), undercover investigators were able to smuggle 95 percent of mock explosives and weapons through the TSA screenings at airports.

Junior Priya Malla said, “If 95 percent of undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives and weapons, TSA will not be able to stop terrorists with a more creative way of smuggling.”

Fake luggage screenings may prove to be beneficial by discouraging terrorists to carry real explosives and weapons and creating jobs; however, seven billion dollars are used on these imitated security measures.

Sophomore Adam Meller said, “Seven billion dollars are just way too much. This money should instead be used on subjects such as education, criminal investigation, and immigration control in which could decrease terrorism.”

The point of TSA screenings is to create a false assumption that the airport is safe and is possibly a place to cover politicians in case of an attack. Whatever the reason, fraud security is not effective in helping the people living in the United States.

While security measures should increase to prevent another devastating event such as the fall of the Twin Towers, security provided by airports has surprisingly decreased after the tragic 9/11 incident.

Freshman Yuhi Hakozaki said, “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. They need to quickly change this security measure or else something terrible can happen in the US again.”