Winding down to plan winter wonders



Last year, student council planned Battle Of The Sibs. Students with a sibling in the building were selected to participate in competitions and activities. Senior Mackenzie McMullen participated with sophomore Megan McMullen, senior Abi McGowen with Connor McGowen, and senior Lydia Deppert partnered with junior Anna Deppert.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

Student council branches off annually into seasonal committees for event planning. With winter approaching, many events are coming up in need of planning.

Some will be events that occurred in past years, but others will be brand new ideas and happenings.

A typical committee has one or two heads, who are mainly in charge of the planning. However, that does not limit the other members of the group in their participation; everyone can present and follow through with ideas.

An example of an annual winter committee is the Dodge Ball Tournament Committee. This particular group has two heads, and three additional members. The members, even with guidance and notes from previous years, still must spend time on the planning.

Co-committee head and Senior Kevin Fitzgerald said, “We have done the tournament in the past, yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple to recreate an entire event every year. We put in a ton of time and effort.”

Junior Sydney Klein, first year student council member, said, “Since I’m new I’m still learning how things work. But it’s cool how events are planned so I volunteered to be a head. I’m super excited but also a little nervous.”

Every committee member plays an important role, explains freshman Aria Oliver. Oliver said, “For homecoming I was on decorations committee and I wasn’t the head or anything but I still did a lot of work and felt really helpful.”

Right now winter events are being organized and planned for the school. Following the completion of every happening, new committees will be assigned and new plans will be made and carried out.