Enhance high school bucket list


Emily Chien

Experiences in high school can shape the rest of a person’s life. They can either have a negative effect or a positive, so make the most of the time there is. While young, opportunities seem to be locked away until adulthood; but, by checking these items off a bucket list, life can be adventurous and exciting even as a student.

1. Write a letter to yourself in ten years. Later in life, hearing your old self speak, especially to yourself, will paint a picture about how you have grown.
2. Go to prom, with your friends or with a date. Ask your crush to go with you, skip the last half of the night and go to a diner, or make a statement on the dance floor.
3. Ace a final after working really hard. Choose your favorite subject, whether it is art, health, math, or orchestra, and set a plan to study ahead of time, putting in extra effort.
4. Get your driver’s license. Sure, it takes time, but you will not regret the process after finally receiving that shiny piece of plastic.
5. Go on a road trip with friends. After completing the above item, a road trip is necessary. You are now free to roam the earth on four wheels, so do it.
6. Make a friend you normally would not know. For once, go out of your way to make a friend that is not just within your typical clique. The first step is to ask them to sit with you at lunch.
7. Clean up your social media. Before becoming an adult, an important rite of passage is to clean up your act. You would not want all those Twitter fights and scandalous photos preventing you from getting a future job.
8. Go on an adventure. Take an extended amount of time, not your typical two hour lunch with friends, to explore a place you have never been, even if that means going outside your comfort zone.
9. Take a class outside of school. Learning does not need to be boring. While taking your less exciting classes at school, make sure to sign up and attend a workshop or class at a local university, art or theater studio. Try something new or explore your interests in depth.
10. Finally, make sure that your yearbook signature is memorable. Even to those you were only acquainted with, it is vital that the memory they have of you later on is not ‘Have a good summer’. Take the opportunity to make a lasting impact.