No accommodations for disabled man


MCT Photo

D’Arcee Neal, was denied proper accommodations on a recent United flight. He did not complain but they offered many compensations and suspended the manager on duty. Neal hopes this incident will bring attention to the issue of disablity accommodations in America.

Although reforms have been put in place to aid the handicapped around America it is obvious that not enough is being done to bridge the gap between the disabled and able-bodied.

D’Arcee Neal, who has cerebral palsy, is a disability advocate for the federal government. While traveling back to Washington DC from a conference in San Francisco, he was told that he would be brought a wheelchair at the end of the flight but none came.

He waited patiently for 30 minutes and even notified the staff of his dilemma but his complaints were practically ignored.

He had to urgently go to the bathroom, so he finally decided to crawl off the plane. To make matters even worse, all the flight attendants saw Neal struggling but not a single one offered to help.

Although he did not report the incident, United has recently sent him an apology. The manager on duty was suspended, and he was offered $300 in compensation.

Neal said to CNN, “Quite frankly, I was just shocked, because this had happened a couple of times before, and no company had ever bothered to apologize when they’ve done something wrong,”

Despite the extreme prejudice and injustice he faced, Neal has taken logical and systematic action for change. He proposed amends such as having the first couple seats be reserved for the handicapped.

Neal said, “This might be a good step to shed some light on the problem and I hope to continue to advocate for this.”