Q & A with freshmen Dylan Whittemore


Allyson Bonhaus

Whittemore is reading “The Odyssey” in his English class. It is from the “Collections” Grade 9 English textbook. The textbook contains sections of “The Odyssey” inside.

Allyson Bonhaus, Staff Writer

Q: What English do you take and who is your teacher?
A: English 9 Honors with Mellard

Q: What book are you reading?
A: “The Odyssey

Q: Are you liking “The Odyssey?”
A: I do think it is a good book, Homer did a good job of describing the Cyclops and his defeat.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the book?
A: It sounds interesting with a lot of conflict.

Q: What is your assignment for the book?
A: Each group reads a separate book from “The Odyssey” and we present a powerpoint on all the books to the class and write a short paragraph on the book.

Q: For your class, what is the Essential Question you are focusing on?
A: To compare “The Odyssey” with “Mosquitoland” and how the life lessons are the same.

Q: Do you think so far that Odysseus is a good leader?
A: He is, but his greed for power and how he wants to defeat all of his enemies doesn’t make him the best leader.

Q: In your opinion do you think that Odysseus’s men believe in him?
A: Yes, because he taught them you can get whatever you want done if you work for it. Just as Odysseus really wants to get home.