2015 Fall Sports Awards

Greater Miami Conference

Cross Country Girls

Senior Oliva Anaple-Second Team

Junior Allison Kossen-Second Team

Sophomore Jodie Lawson-Second Team

Boys Cross Country

John Benham-Coach of the Year

Senior Kyria Graves-First Team

Junior Kevin Lawson-First Team

Sophomore Matt Isakson-Second Team

Junior Miles Menyhert-Second Team

Junior Andrew Schrantz-Second Team

Senior Mitchell Singstock-Second Team


Junior Ra’Von Bonner-First Team Offense-RB

Junior Jake Borman-First Team Offense-QB

Senior Clarence Dawson- First Team Offense- RB

Senior Ricky Nance– First Team Offense- OL

Senior Ben Schehr– First Team Offense- OL

Senior Jovon Cobbs– Second Team Defense- DB

Senior Gary Traub– Second Team Defense- LB

Senior Andru Waters– Second Team Defense- DL

Junior Khadim Fall– Second Team Offense- WR/TE

Junior Zack Richardson– Second Team Offense- OL

Senior Chris Stoy– Second Team Offense- OL

Girls Golf

Senior Kellen Alsip– GMC Player of the Year/First Team

Junior Orchid Wang– First Team

Junior Sophie Kramer– Second Team

Senior Maya Outlaw– Second Team

Senior Hannah Zeidenstein– Second Team

Boys Golf

Junior Alex Jones– First Team

Sophomore Victor Lim– Second Team

Boys Soccer

Senior Jake Melser– First Team

Senior Cameron Foy– First Team

Senior William Trucellito– First Team

Sophomore Michael Samways– Second Team

Junior Noah Biegger– Second Team

Senior Charlie Supp– Second Team

Girls Soccer

Senior Farrah Brown– First Team

Senior Grace Louis– First Team

Sophomore Kelsey Kandil-Second Team

Sophomore Mackenzie Kandil-Second Team

Girls Tennis

Mike Teets-Coach of the Year

Senior Alexa Abele Second Team-First Singles

Senior Margret Skwara-Second Team-Second Singles

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jiang-Second Team-Third Singles

Senior Caroline Gao-Second Team-First Doubles

Freshman Sarah Wittenbaum-Second Team-First Doubles

Senior Brianna Dooley-Second Team-Second Doubles

Freshman Helen Sotropa-Second Team-Second Doubles

GCTCA All-City Honors

Senior Alexa Abele-First Team-All City Singles

Senior Margret Skwara-Honorable Mention-All-City Singles

Senior Caroline Gao-Second Team-All City Doubles

Freshman Sarah Wittenbaum-Second Team-All-City Doubles

Senior Brianna Dooley-Honorable Mention-All-City Doubles

Freshman Helen Sotropa-Honorable Mention-All-City Doubles

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jiang-Most Improved-All-City


Sophomore Abigail Hughes-First Team

Senior Patricia Blood-Second Team

Boys and Girls Water Polo

Parents Kim McCutcheon and Claire Kast-Val Lyons Award

Senior Hannah Kast– Ohio Cup All Tournament, MVP, Ohio First Team

Senior Hannah Schwegman– All Ohio First Team, Varsity Aqua Aviator

Sophomore Abigail Huasfeld-All Ohio Second Team

Freshman Ellie Armstrong-JV Aqua Aviator

Sophomore Brycen Gwyn-JV Aqua Aviator

Senior Lucas McCutcheon-Varsity Aqua Aviator

Sophomore Connor McGowan-Varsity Jose Cerda Dedication Award

Senior Courtney Readon-Varsity Jose Cerda Dedication Award

Freshman Jason Merkel-JV Jose Cerda Dedication Award

Junior Sarah Horne-JV Jose Cerda Dedication Award

Junior Ryan Wick-Best Defense

Junior Hannah May-Best Defense

Senior Christopher Seger-Best Offense

Senior Jory Gould-Best Offense

Junior Kevin Berghoff-MVP

Sophomore Jordan Johnson-JV MVP

Junior Grace Mather-JV MVP