Looking at results of November elections


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Ohio hosted an election where the idea of legalizing marijuana was raised. The majority of Ohio’s citizens voted no on the issue. Marijuana will not be legalized for medicinal or recreational use.

In the latest elections, a number of issues were raised.

Three of the issues related to the legalization of marijuana and what would happen if it was legalized.

Issue 1, according to Cleveland.com, “creates a process for drawing legislative districts to discourage dominant parties from setting boundaries that strongly favor themselves by requiring that the other major party agree to the map.”

2,025,467 people voted “Yes” on the issue.

Cleveland.com also said, “Issue 2 raises a barrier for issues, including Issue 3, that create monopolies or grant special tax conditions by requiring that voters agree to waive the rules before voting on the issue itself.”

1,553,357 voted “Yes” on this issue.

Issue 3 was the legalization of marijuana.

It “permits commercial production and sale of marijuana by what amounts to a monopoly in 10 locations around the state. It allows individuals to grow limited amounts for personal use.”

1,958,802 voted “No” on this issue.