Airing it out

Nathan Zhang, Op/Ed Chief

After receiving much malice, Ohio decided to scrap PARCC testing and replace it with new tests to be administered in the spring. These new tests will be distributed by a different company known as the American Institute for Research (AIR).
Sophomore Atit Pathak said, “I think it’s a good thing that Ohio decided to get rid of PARCC testing. I dreaded taking those tests and I told PARCC how I felt in the response after taking the test.”
Tests will include the subjects math and language arts and will take less time to take than the PARCC tests last year.
Pathak said, “I feel like these new AIR tests will be better than PARCC tests last year. Shortening the time allotted already makes me view AIR testing as better than PARCC.”
Compared to the 40 million dollars paid to PARCC for its tests, Ohio has paid 23.6 million dollars for AIR to administer tests in Ohio.
Pathak said, “The government definitely gave PARCC more money than they deserved. For the horrible tests they administered, $40 million dollars was more than they deserved.”