Nap time found to encourage work


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Sleep is an important factor in people’s health. Nap time was once considered to be detrimental to sleep habits. New research, however, recommends students to open a time slot in the schedule for a daily nap time.

Hajime Minoguchi, Staff Writer

Sleep is extremely necessary for the mental and physical health of people. It has devastating effects such as cognitive dysfunction, depression, weakened immune system, and high blood pressure.

High school students need to make napping their daily routine.

Freshman Shinya Nakahata said, “Nap time is an important part of my daily routine as it allows me to focus on my homework and get the sleep that I was not able to get the day before.”

According to recent research by Casper, a mattress delivery company, 66 percent of over 10,000 people surveyed would choose nap time over less work.

Sophomore Nathan Powers said, “It is understandable why so many people want nap time so much as they do not get enough sleep everyday due to studying, homework, and responsibilities.”

Researchers are starting to understand that napping is a much more complex phenomenon than imagined before. Also, experts are beginning to think a midday nap could be the key to triumphing over the dreaded afternoon energy crash.

Naps are considered extremely beneficial to students. According to Dr. Natalie Dautovich, National Sleep Foundation’s Environmental Scholar, sleep for 20 minutes or less can improve short-term alertness and performance.

Dr. Rebecca Robins, researcher at NYU School of Medicine, told CNN, “If you’re getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, naps can be part of a healthy sleep schedule.”