Tis the season to be helpful


Hannah Loftspring

Students will collect pop tabs similar to this one. They are found on cans such as soda. Baskets to collect them are located near the trash, recycling, and compost cans.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

When Thanksgiving and December holidays approach, so does extra volunteering. Members of the communicate help others whether they are in school or adults. Student Council’s volunteering committee has come up with a plan to help their community, too.
The Pop Tab Drive will be going on until Thanksgiving break. Students are encouraged to collect their pop tabs at lunch in their class’s bucket. At the end of the process, the tabs will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house.
This year, student council is working as close as possible with the Ronald McDonald House.

Senior Maddie Driscoll said, “we’re working close with them this year because it’s honestly a great cause. The patients there are so close to my age.”
Student council reprsentatives decided winter is the most common time for volunteering and fundraisers, such as Hoops for Hope and Battle of the Sibs.
Senior Amy Bitzer said, “We always volunteer and have fundraisers but the winter season is the busiest for student council volunteering. We have a lot more projects coming hopefully for students to participate in.”
Other students not in student council appreciate the good deeds student council organizes and see the importance.
Freshman Olivia Hewitt said, “I think it’s important to feel good yourself, because that’s healthy, but when you can feel good by making others feel good, that’s something even better.”
In addition to the singular Pop Tab Drive, the juniors and seniors are apart of the National Honor Society. In order to be tapped for this, students must complete 30 hours of volunteering.
National Honor Society tapping occurs during the pre holiday season. Due to the timing of events, members can accomplish their 30 hours to simultaneously join National Honor Society and help the needy by volunteering during this season. Tis the season to be helpful!