Nous sommes avec Paris


Taylor Close

Madame took the day from teaching her normal class to talk to her students about what was happening. They also had the chance to sign the banner with condolences that they made up themselves or with help from Madame. Some of them said things like “Nous sommes avec vous” (we are with you), while others recited the phrase that seems to be everywhere, “Liberté, égalité, fraterinté”.

Taylor Close, Staff Writer

In the wake of Nov. 13 terrorist attacks on Paris, Beirut, and Kenya, people all over the world are standing in solidarity with the citizens of those countries. But for the French classes, the one in Paris hit home.

Sophomore Sophie Gaylon said, “Ever since we started learning about French culture in class I have felt this connection to the country and when I heard about the attacks it felt a little bit like they had attacked my own backyard.”

On Monday Nov. 16, SHS students wore red, white, and blue to show their support for the French. Madame Chapman set up to have a picture taken of the group at the end of sixth bell in the commons.

Gaylon said,”I think that it is awesome to see just how many kids really care about the people in Paris and it shows that they really aren’t alone at this time of need. We are here for them just like they were for us in 9/11.”

Madame Chapman will send the picture to her friends in France. She also had her French students create a banner that she will send to Montgomery’s sister school in Neuilly-Plaisance , where students all wrote their condolences in French.

Gaylon said, “Getting to show how we are connected to them through being able communicate with them in French is something that I feel brought this attack closer to home for me. I could understand some of the people talking about the attacks in French, and every time it sent chills down my back.”