Cincinnati Museum Center takes on ‘Art of the Brick’


MCT Photo

Sawaya makes his masterpieces out of LEGO bricks. These are very popular toys for young boys and girls that are turned into sculptures and artwork. Sawaya’s work is showcased in The Art of the Brick, a travelling exhibit, soon to be at Cincinnati Museum Center!

The first major museum exhibit to showcase LEGOS is on its way to Cincinnati. Cincinnati Museum Center is taking on a brand new type of exhibit, called “Art of the Brick.”

Art of the Brick is a LEGO exhibit that demonstrates creativity and the power of imagination. This exhibit features Nathan Sawaya, a contemporary artist. Over 100 of his masterpieces are shown in this exhibit.

This exhibit opens Oct. 23, 2015 at Cincinnati Museum Center.

Freshman Amber Hopkins said, “I’m so excited to see Art of the Brick. I didn’t know that someone could be that intricate with LEGOS. I always thought they were just toys, but they can really be turned into art!”

Sawaya is an artist that turns everyday items into sculptures, but he is best known for his work with LEGO bricks.

He has constructed skulls, full bodies, faces, robots, and more, only using LEGO bricks.

Hopkins said, “Since I work at the museum, I can get in free, so I will definitely be in there the first day it opens!”

Be sure to check out Art of the Brick later this month at Cincinnati Museum Center.