Friday the 13th popular in music industry


Taylor Close

You can buy the new releases at iTunes, Target, or listen to them for free on Spotify. The website, which is sort of like Pandora with the ability to choose the songs, has become more popular with over 75 million users as of June 2015. You can make a free account where you get to choose your songs and playlists on computers, but need a subscription to be able to choose on a mobile device and not just shuffle.

Fridays are popular release dates for albums in the music industry, and this is no different for Nov. 13th, a Friday this year.
Sophomore Alex Newberg said, “I think that artists release their music on Fridays because more people are likely to go out to a store and buy their album on a Friday rather than like a Tuesday, when they have too much to worry about with the week.”
Various artists, such as Alessia Cara, One Direction, and Justin Bieber, released either a new album or single on this day. It seems like the Friday the 13th superstitions didn’t scare them away.
Newberg said, “It’s kind of cool how this is Friday the 13th, and even though it isn’t Oct. and all spooky, I think that releasing the albums on Friday the 13th gave them a little bit more publicity.”
For Cara, this was a big deal because her album Know It All is a debut album, which features the single “Here.” The song made the Billboard’s top 20 hits chart, making it her first song to reach the charts.
Newberg said, “I have heard the song [“Here”] a few times on the radio and I like the sound, it’s different than some of the other pop music today. I think it’s cool that she has her own distinct sound.”