ISIS chemical weapons harm civilians

Jacob Englander, News Chief

A new type of warfare is resurfacing in the Middle East. This is chemical warfare, something not seen since Saddam Hussein’s regime was in power.
Sophomore Stephanie Hong said,“I think that’s really terrifying that chemical weapons are being used. They’re too great of a danger to civilians, and soldiers alike. No-one should suffer like that.”
The chemical weapons are launched in the form of shells via mortars, by ISIS rebel fighters in Syria. This has also reportedly happened in Iraq as well, also from ISIS soldiers. The gas is reportedly sulfur mustard gas.
According to the New York Times, “The appearance of distinctly different chemical weapons across a long section of Islamic State territory has led private and government analysts to venture that the world’s most violent jihadist organization has developed at least a small-scale chemical weapons program.”
This chemical agent is quite similar in chemical composition to the gas used by Hussein to gas his own people. The gas causes burns, rashes, blisters, and can also cause death.
This gas, along with all other forms of chemical warfare agents, are banned from use in conflict since the 1990’s by the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Hong said, “It’s hard to decide what level of intervention the U.S. should take in the world during moments like this.”