Winter wonderland, where have you gone?


Taylor Close

At night Perfect has begun blowing snow because the temperature has been at a sustainable level to retain the snow in the morning. With the foreseeable forecast showing temperatures not reaching about 55º F, the opening of the resort is anticipated by ski and snowboarding fanatics. Last year, the Ski Club went out on Tues. Dec. 2 and there had already been a snow day for the district, so this year’s mild weather has winter sport athletes begging for below freezing temperatures.

With the recent milder weather comes the harsh reality that the ski/snowboard season is becoming shorter. Students in Ski Club were supposed to go out on Tues. Dec. 8, but Perfect North has not had many good days for blowing snow.

Sophomore Melinda Looney said, “I love going out to Perfect North with friends through Ski Club and I will be sad that some of our days will be missed because of this warmer winter.”

Perfect North’s website  as a “snow report” where they post updates as to when they are blowing snow and the conditions for the slopes. They have just started blowing snow again in hopes that this cold streak stays cold.

Looney said,“I have never heard of the ‘snow report’ before but I think it is a cool idea because it lets people get excited about what is to come and is helpful when wondering if the conditions are going to be smooth or icy when you go out.”

Instead of going to the slopes on Dec. 8, the club will have a pizza party and watch a movie in Mrs. Kimberly Cooper’s room. While it’s not the same as going to the slopes, the club will still be together.

Looney said, “It’s cool how even though we aren’t going to be able to go to Perfect we can still do something fun after school that day and be together as a club.”