Shots fired

Mass shootings occur daily

Nathan Zhang, Op/Ed Chief

Columbine High School. Sandy Hook Elementary School. Arapahoe High School. These schools and others have fallen victim to school shootings. Shootings that originate from the issue of gun control and the allowance of arms in the U.S.

Gun control has been a debated issue for decades. Those who are for guns argue that guns should be allowed for self defense reasons.

However, although it is true that guns can be used for defensive purposes, the reason they are being used for self defense in the first place is, for example, if a robber breaks into a home with a gun. A gun that is permitted by the government.

Sophomore Alexander Newberg said, “In the U.S., a lot more people die from guns than terrorism. The fact that people are allowed to have guns kills so many people.”

89 percent of citizens in the U.S. own arms. And each year, there are 30,000 gun-related deaths and 20 instances of mass murder involving guns. These mind boggling stats alone portray that guns should not be permitted.

Newberg said, “I believe that guns should not be allowed in the U.S. The privilege to own guns is not worth the numerous consequences due to the allowance of guns.”

If guns are not allowed in the U.S., not only will mass shootings decrease, but crimes will as well. In fact, many crimes would not even be possible without the utilization of guns, such as the Columbine High School shooting.