‘Hello’ sparking obsession



The album cover for Adele’s ’25.’ (Photo courtesy Amazon)

Alex Karev, Staff Writer

Every radio station seems to be playing it right now. It is Adele’s hit song “Hello,” and it has sparked an obsession worldwide. If you find yourself singing to it, you are not alone.

Three years ago, Adele stepped out of the limelight, not producing any music during that time. “Hello” is her first single since her hiatus, and with its catchy chorus, no one can resist singing along.

Even some celebrities have said that they get funky to this catchy tune.
According to CNN, actress Chloë Grace Moretz said, “My God, I need Adele’s new album to be out already, so in love.”

As of Dec. 1, “Hello” has racked up 559 million views on YouTube. It seems that “Hello’s” popularity will never come to an end.
Freshman Madeline Weiss said, “I like the way Adele sings, and “Hello” is a perfect example of it. She sings about how she feels, and she does not hide her natural voice with auto-tuning, which I love.”

Adele also does not use iTunes, Apple Music, or any other such means when it comes to selling her album. She instead still sells it via record stores, which is not often seen today from modern artists.

Freshman Kevin Jaffe said, “I find it crazy to believe that one of the hottest artists today does not use digital sales, yet she is still number one on the charts.”
So whether you sing along, dance to the catchy tune, or just listen to it, Adele’s “Hello” has found a place in our hearts and will continue to remain the beloved song that it is.